Solaray Liposomal Vitamin C (500 mg)


Liposomal C is created by combining Ascorbic Acid with Palmitic Acid, resulting in fat soluble form of Esterified Vitamin C know as Ascorbyl Palmitate. Liposomal C is designed to provide antioxidant support to cell membranes by crossing the blood brain barrier as well as offering greater support to the skin and fatty tissues. Vitamin C is intended to provide nutritive support for normal, healthy collagen synthesis, cartilage and bone development, immune function, capillary and blood vessel integrity and nerve impulse transmission.

Barcode: 076280574197
Size: 100 Veg Caps
Serving Size: 1 Veg Cap
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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.7 × 4.5 in

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