Sinus Plumber All Natural Nasal Spray


Sinus Plumber is the worlds’ first hot pepper (capsicum) horseradish nasal spray created by the inventor of Sinus Buster. Sinus Plumber provides relief in 30 seconds for congestion and other symptoms related to allergies, sinus infections and headaches. Sinus Plumber targets a variety of sinus problems without the rebound effects and addictive properties associated with traditional nasal sprays and OTC medications. Sinus Plumber helps prevent allergy symptoms by blocking triggers caused by pollen, dust and weather. Sinus Plumber is all natural and made with non-GMO organic ingredients. Sinus Plumber also relieves a variety of headaches including clusters, migraines, hangovers and more. This all-natural formula also contains wintergreen and eucalyptus for the ultimate nasal cleansing experience. Can be used as needed for ages 12 years and up.

Barcode: 899312003010
Size: .68 fl. oz.
Serving Size: Spray 1-3 times in each nostril

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Weight 1.28 oz
Dimensions 1.6 × 1.2 × 4.8 in

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