LifeSeasons Beau-T™


  • Natural Hair, Skin, And Nail Support Supplement: Look great, feel great! Support healthy tissue growth throughout the body, promoting hair, skin and nail health. Our natural and high-quality ingredients work together to nourish hair, skin, and nails and specifically to help with growth of hair and nails. Contains biotin, collagen, MSM, horsetail, and tumeric.
  • Common Results: Beau-T needs to build up in the body over time for you to see results. Most people will start to see some faster hair growth, stronger nails, and healthier skin after a few weeks taking this supplement, but these results will be more visible after six to eight weeks of consistent use.

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Barcode: 853760002193
Size: 90 Veg Capsules
Serving Size: 3 Veg Capsules

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